6 ways to speed up your skincare routine

The new influx of stick-shaped skincare products are set to streamline our beauty stash and speed up our mornings, says Shannon Peter. Here’s everything you need to know.

It is a beauty fact well known that, when it comes to make-up, anything in a stick format is the easiest to deal with. Remember how easy it became to apply a seamless base once we got our hands on Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick? Or when Clinique’s Chubby Stick upped our smoky-eye game in a three-minute swoosh? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that the stick revolution is back and, this time, it’s coming for our skincare. From cleansers to exfoliators, serums to SPF, there’s a new raft of stick-shaped skincare products hitting shelves and the good news is they will speed up our morning routines.

So, what is stick skincare? Put simply, it’s moisturisers, oils, cleansers and even toners in solid balm form and popped in a handy, twist-up stick. Originating from Korea, you use them exactly as you would your regular skincare. And, thanks to our ongoing demand for speed and ease, more and more skincare brands are getting on board. It's hard to avoid the hype around Frances Prescott's brilliant Tri Balm (an all-in-one stick cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser) and brands such as Yes To, Origins, Coola and Earth Tu Face have also recently launched sticks. In fact, sticks are set to dominate the skincare market over the next few months.

“Travel-friendly stick products enable a more playful, seamless form of application for consumers on the move,” explains Victoria Buchanan, strategic researcher at The Future Laboratory, a role in which she explores the forefront of beauty trends to predict what's next for our bathroom cabinets. Far from just another useless gimmick packaged up under a faux cloak of “innovation”, sticks have genuine benefit. Requiring little more than a quick swish of the wrist to apply and mitigating the risk of spillage, sticks are also great for travel — One Step's Oil Cleansing Stick was a godsend on a recent trip to France.

Their multi-functionality also helps. “Consumers want products that can truly be called ‘multitaskers’,” says Victoria Young, general manager for Europe at Yes To — the latest skincare brand to bring out stick moisturisers and cleansers. “These days, products need to perform at least two functions and be mess-free.” For example, Yes To has just launched a solid, moisturising, coconut-oil stick that can be used on your face, lips and body, meaning you needn’t use a separate face oil, lip balm and body lotion.

So, the question is, do sticks have the power to replace our entire existing skincare arsenal? I collated a routine made entirely from skincare sticks to see if these portable wonders really do live up to the hype.

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