Modern Multitaskers - The One-Stop Stick

When Elizabeth Arden created Eight Hour Cream in 1930, she unwittingly invented the first modern multitasking beauty product that still sells out today. Fans such as Karlie Kloss and Victoria Beckham use it to soothe chapped lips and skin, calm spots, highlight cheebones and tame errant hairs and eyebrows. Ms Arden even used it to calm her racehorses' bruised legs, such is its versatility. Given all those uses for one product, is it any surprise that we expect our beauty buys to work overtime? 'I don't think women are purposely looking for mulititaskers, it's more that we need them' says facialist and make-up artist Frances Prescott, creator of Tri-Balm. 'We are living in a fast-moving world with very little time to spare, so when we find a product that does everything and actually works, it's a no-brainer.'

The One-Stop Stick
The aforementioned new Tri-Balm is set to be a modern classic – a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser, it comes in a flight-friendly carry-on stick and can also be used as an overnight mask. 'I formulated Tri-Balm with the purest premium ingredients from plants and flowers so you have a practical yet luxurious product that feels and smells indulgent,' says Prescott. Ingredients include pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich carrot oil plus essential geranium oil to reduce anxiety that can lead to wrinkles. 'The key with multitasking products is to ensure that each function performs well without outdoing another, so it is incredibly important to achieve the correct ratio and blend of ingredients.'