My New Favourite Multi-Tasking Marvel

By Karena Callen

It's a well-known fact that I'm a little bit lazy when it comes to beauty routines. Once in a while I like to treat myself to a full-on DIY facial or a top-to-toe body overhaul, but day-to-day my motto is 'keep it simple' and make it FAST! So, I'm going to say that this brand new baby, Tri-Balm, has actually been created especially for me. And of course, millions of others like me who don't have the time (or space in their lives) for overly-complicated beauty regimes.

Created by one of my favourite beauty collaborators, make-up artist and facialist, Frances Prescott and her sister, Pauline, Tri-Balm is pretty much all you need in one totally portable twist-up stick. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising in one, it's full of naturally-derived and responsibly-sourced ingredients indigenous to the British Isles. Highlights include: English Oil Blend with rich in skin-enhancing fatty acids, along with extracts of blackcurrant, starflower, echium and oat; carrot tissue oil with high levels of anti-ageing Vitamin A; and geranium essential oil, with its toning and rebalancing properties.

I've been road-testing this product for 6 weeks and I'm not disappointed. It's a real rescue remedy when skin is feeling in need of comfort - massage it in at bedtime and wash or tissue off in the morning for an overnight mask. And it's a brilliant cleanser, especially if you like to use a flannel and warm water.