My Cleansing Secret-Weapon: Tri-Balm

By Olivia Cox

One of the things in life that I have a real love/hate relationship with is cleansing my face. I love the feeling of super clean skin, and am militant about my skincare regime so would never like to miss an evening cleanse. But at the same time, the concept of pre-sleep bed-min (bed admin. Phrase coined by my lovely friend Ashley James) is sometimes just too much to bear. So when I get to try out a new way of cleansing – particularly one that brings a little excitement to what is effectively the last thing I’ll do each day – life is good.

I’ve recently been using just such an exciting cleanser, Frances Prescott Tri-Balm. The Tri-Balm doesn’t really look like a cleanser. The super streamlined, graphic black and white packaging is aspirational, and totally aesthetically pleasing. Unlike so many cleansers which can be a blemish to the hygge of a room.

Tri-Balm is, as the name suggests, a cleansing balm. In a stick. Which is completely novel to me. You wind a small amount of the stick out of the packaging, rub onto skin, then emulsify with water. What’s nice is that this routine can be as quick or long-winded as you like. The silky soft balm is genuinely pleasing to use, and contains natural, moisturising ingredients like sweet almond oil, so I like to leave the balm on my skin a couple of moments before bed. Equally, if I’m in a rush, the no-fuss-ness of the Tri-Balm is an absolute godsend.

And can we just talk about the fact that Tri-Balm CAN NOT LEAK. Since the balm is in a solid form until you use it, it’s leak-proof. Which is just so great for adding to the gym bag. Because, let’s be honest, who hasn’t had some sort of a beauty product disaster at one time or other? (See Ross from Friends’ “shampoo explosion!” for more details). On which note, Tri-Balm is also ideal for travelling (not liquid = ok in hand luggage).

As the name of the brand suggests, Tri-Balm is the brain-child of Frances Prescott, an industry-leading make-up artist and facialist. The whole idea is to cut the faff out of skincare, offering three steps (cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising) in one simple step. I’ve found my skin glowing and smooth since I started using Tri-Balm, and I don’t intend to stop.