Inide my bathroom cabinet & bathroom storage tips

When we viewed our flat, we forgot to check out the bathroom. The rest of the place wowed us so much that we were in the place for two minutes, then calling the agent straight away. All the rooms in our flat are huge, with really high ceilings, so I knew that the bathroom would, more than likely, suffer space-wise because of that. Our bathroom is tiny, so I wanted to share some tips on how to maximise the space in your bathroom, as well as give you a peek at the cleansers and toners inside my bathroom cabinet.

I am a total skincare geek, so having a huge, stunning bathroom would be my dream, but sometimes you have to sacrifice some things in return for, say, my huge, bright living room with gorgeous fireplace. I’m happy with that and I’ve learnt to maximise the space in my bathroom to make it work for us. When I say the bathroom is small, what I mean is, it would be a struggle for two people to squeeze past each other in it. It’s very long, but very narrow.

We have one small bathroom wall-mounted cabinet, as any more would crowd the space. In addition to this, we have a rustic wooden crate where we keep bath and body products, and a couple of rope baskets to keep Lush bath bombs in and toilet rolls in. Current shampoos and shower gels live around the bath in wire baskets. That’s all the space we have. All my skincare and face masks are kept in my bedroom. I’d recommend that you utilise the sides of your bath by adding wire baskets, the space under the sink could house a unit that’s either custom built or from a store, floor crates and baskets, and shower-mounted product holders – are all great ways to be able to fit more into your bathroom. If you make sure that each of these look visually attractive and fit with the decor of your bathroom, you won’t mind having them in your small space.

If you have money to rennovate your bathroom and own your own property, a walk-in shower* would be something to consider. I used to love having a bath, but since I broke my knee, I’ve struggled getting in and out. Now, I’d love a walk-in shower* as there would be so much more floor space or wall space to keep products on and it would take up less room than a bath; occupying just a corner. I would build shelves into my shower cubicle to house a lot of my hair and body products.

Inside My Bathroom Cabinet
Wall-mounted cabinets are definitely the best for a bathroom that’s small and short of floor space. They can double up as a mirror (if you get one with one on the door), and everything is easily accessible at eye-level. In my bathroom cabinet are all my cleansers and toners. This is what I’m using at the moment.

PM – Frances Prescott Tri-Balm (£46)
This is my all-time favourite cleanser and it smells so relaxing too. It comes in stick form, so it’s so easy and lightweight to take on your travels. It’s so good, I always have a back-up. I don’t know how much to rave about this here as i’ve written a full blog-post on it, and also featured it here. It cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises all in one and you can even use it as a mini mask treatment as it’s so conditioning. Do not continue with anymore of your life without this cleanser in it.

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