Long-Haul Lifestyle

This month our beauty columnist has some tried and tested advice for making your long-haul flight feel less of an ordeal.

Unless you have the luxury of flying business class, a long-haul flight can be an uncomfortable experience and it's easy to land feeling less than glowing. But by packing the right kit in your cabin bag, you can enhance your travel experience and land looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

You might want to check-in looking fabulous with a full face of make-up. However, if you're going to be on a plane for more than four hours, I'd suggest removing your make-up as soon as the captain has turned the seatbelt signs off.

Frances Prescott Tri-Balm is a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser in one solid stick which you apply direct from the stick or with your fingers. Massage the balm into your skin to melt dirt and make-up, then remove with a tissue, water or a damp flannel. As well as natural oils to cleanse, pumpkin seed enzymes gently exfoliate and hyaluronic acid locks in moisture. The stick isn't particularly light to 'carry on' but it's worth its weight as a travel must-have.