The Best Waterless Skincare Products To Add To Your Beauty Routine

It's not just plastic you need to be cutting out of you beauty routine
Not letting the tap run for too long and making sure the dishwasher is full before turning it on are two sure-fire ways to reduce water consumption, but did you know you can also cut down when it comes to your skincare routine?

Enter: waterless beauty products, a growing trend of cosmetics for environmentally-conscious consumers.

“Waterless products come with less packaging and a lower shipping weight therefore releasing less carbon throughout the supply chain. They also don’t go off so there’s less wastage,” Alexia Inge, founder of Cult Beauty, tells HuffPost.

You might have never thought about it but water is used as a base in a huge percentage of products. “It’s cheap, plentiful, causes very few sensitivities and doesn’t clash with or counteract other ingredients,” Inge explains.

So what is being used in water’s place? It depends on the product, really. According to Inge says aloe vera is a go-to base in ‘wet’ products, while other brands are beginning to use oils and dry or powdered formats.

So to help you get started in reducing your water consumption, these are the waterless products worth embracing into your beauty routine.

Frances Prescott Tri-Balm
This cruelty free, multi-purpose product combines your skincare routine into one travel-friendly stick balm. It was created by makeup artist Frances Prescott as a solution to the difficulties makeup artists had when travelling round the world with their kit and still keeping the skin of their clients in tip top condition.

As someone who is already on her second stick, it removes a full face of makeup with ease, while the pumpkin enzymes gently exfoliate and the hyaluronic acid hydrates like your moisturiser would. Stop decanting your creams into tiny jars and instead pick up this.

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