This tool will let you know if your skincare routine is actually working

This just amped up our skincare routines.

As if there weren't already enough steps to your skincare routine, the latest invention by Clarisonic is about to take it to a whole new level.

The Mia Smart is a new oscillating face gadget, which not only cleanses your skin (obviously) but syncs up to your phone and tracks how often you cleanse. The Clarisonic app also allows you to add before and after photos so you can see whether your skincare routine is *actually* working.

Oh, and that's not all. We're going high-tech now.

The Mia Smart also comes with a cleansing brush that turns red when it's time for a new one, because who changes their products until they absolutely have to?

There's also an attachment you can add on if you fancy a bit of TLC and an under-eye massage, which firms puffy skin, banishes wrinkles, and smooths out your crows feet in as little as two months.

The cleanser comes in at £230, but its smart technology and powerful ability could make it a bathroom cupboard staple, and we have no doubt beauty bloggers will soon be jumping on the hype.

If it's not quite won you over just yet, here are some cleansers that might...

Frances Prescott Tri-Balm

Cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises in one sweep. Like, literally a sweep, as the formula is set in a nifty solid stick (like a deodorant) that you roll around your face. Innovative and effective.

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