Clean Up Your Act

Our round-up of the best cleansers will suit every budget

We've already waved goodbye to microbeads in skincare products – now it's likely that facial wipes are also on their way out, after the government announced plans to ban non-biodegradable wipes. To be honest, we're rather pleased – not only will Mother Earth benefit from this law, so will your skin.

While facial wipes are undeniably handy for festivals and trips abroad when your hand-luggage liquids are limited, as your wedding day nears, it's essential to use a proper cleanser that will be more effective than a wipe. The best cleansers not only remove make-up, they also nourish, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

"Cleansing the skin is essential for a healthy complexion," says Noella Gabriel, co-founder of Elemis. "Make-up and environmental aggressors congest pours, and face cleansers work to remove these pollutants, as well as dead skin cells. Cleanse every day, morning and night, even if you haven't worn make-up. Water should be just warm – if too hot, it will aggravate pores, while water that's too cold won't remove product as effectively."

Frances Prescott, Tri-Balm