This Is How To Hack The Liquids in Hand Luggage Rules This Summer

Use these clever ways to fly with your beauty products

When it comes to airport disaster stories, most of us can recall at least one. There’s those desperate attempts to slot a multitude of carefully decanted toiletries into a stingy single sandwich bag. Or, that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve left your brand-new perfume bottle in your carry-on case and the sheer terror of opening your suitcase on arrival to discover a shampoo explosion has ruined your entire Asos haul.

But what if we told you there was an easy way to beat the liquid in hand luggage rule? We’re not talking faffy decanting or pricey miniatures here, but rather a few innovative travel beauty products that are sure to make liquid-restriction stress a thing of the past.

The secret? Solid iterations of your holiday essentials. From shampoo to serum, there's a bevvy of liquid-free beauty products on the shelves this Summer.

Read on to discover the best travel beauty products to pack before heading off to Heathrow…

Not only is this luxe shampoo bar a real treat for sun-soaked hair, it’s an environmentally sound choice too, thanks to its plastic-free packaging. Rubbed straight onto a wet scalp, the silicone and paraben-free bar creates a satisfying lather and leaves hair deeply hydrated.

Aptly named for a tropical getaway, this solid conditioner bar is packed with avocado and banana to deeply hydrate hair. Simply rub the bar between hands in the shower and smooth through hair to tame frizz and flyaways.

Solid cleansers are commonplace these days, but it’s rare to find one that works quite as hard as Francis Prescott's new launch. Designed to streamline your skincare routine, this multi-tasking stick acts as a cleanser, exfoliator and hydrator in one: beeswax emulsifiers melt make-up and impurities, while pumpkin enzyme breaks down dead skin cells and hyaluronic acid locks in moisture.

Solid face treatments are hard to come by, but trust Lush to come up with an all-natural solution. This genius bar combines murumuru and cupacu butters with rose oil to hydrate even the most parched complexions. A word of warning: stick it in the fridge once you arrive in sunnier climes to prevent melting.

Practical it may be, but you’re really buying this covetable solid perfume for the sheer luxury factor. Slip this glossy black compact in your pocket and swipe the fragrance-infused balm onto skin at every opportunity. For maximum scent payoff, apply to your pulse points – think behind your ears and on your wrists – as the warmer skin will aid diffusion.

Body wash
This next-gen bar soap works double duty to cleanse skin and slough away rough patches – ideal after a day on the beach. Infused with hand-picked green tea leaves, it smells pretty special, too.

Shaving cream
Ditch that bulky can of shaving foam, because this budget-friendly bar is your shortcut to perfectly smooth skin on holiday. A host of nourishing oils – coconut, olive and castor included – make razor rash a thing of the past, while orange and lavender essential oils deliver a beautiful scent.