Frances Prescott Tri-Balm

I love a good cleanse and am always on the hunt for fab new cleansers. When a press release for the new Tri-Balm by Frances Prescott landed in my inbox I knew I had to try it. This innovative, chic and unique looking cleanser claims to cleanse, exfoliate AND moisturise in one go, hence the ‘tri’ part of its name.

The luxurious balm is essentially a solid stick cleansing balm which melts onto your skin then emulsifies into a milky cleanser once warm water is introduced. Inspired by the healing powers of nature the balm is cruelty-free and contains no harmful chemicals, parabens, silicones or synthetics. It does however contain a host of skin loving ingredients to help gently cleanse, condition and nourish your skin.

The balm contains a cocktail of botanical oils enriched with starflower, NorOmega Gold, beeswax and oats to gently melt away your makeup and impurities to effectively cleanse your skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean without a hint of tightness. Pumpkin enzymes which are high in AHA’s gently exfoliate the skin to reveal brighter, softer, healthier skin and hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E work to deeply nourish, hydrate and plump your skin. If that wasn’t enough, it also contains collagen stimulating ingredients to help promote a healthy, youthful complexion, calendula to soothe irritation and blackcurrant to neutralise free radicals and help to protect your skin.

It all sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it. A 3-in-1 cleanser that does the job of traditionally three separate products. You can probably see now why I was so eager to try it! So firstly can I say that I adore the way this has been packaged and marketed. Resembling more of a solid deodorant in design and look than a traditional cleansing balm it is eye-catching, distinctive and screams high end luxury.

The balm itself smells beautiful- light, soft and ever-so slightly citrusy which tantalises and awakens your senses! In terms of application, you can apply the balm straight to your face from the stick which twists up at the bottom to reveal more of the product when required, or (and perhaps slightly more hygienically) you can use clean, dry fingers to remove an appropriate amount of the balm from the stick and then apply to your face. Light and non-greasy the balm gets to work straight away to break down any residual make up left on the skin, gently and effectively lifting it from your skin. Once you have massaged it onto your skin for as long as you see fit, simply splash with warm water to emulsify and watch as the balm is transformed into a gentle, milky cleanser. I LOVE this balm. It is one of the only cleansers I’ve ever used that leaves my skin feeling like its already been moisturised immediately after use, which is incredible really.

It cleanses so deeply yet so gently it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils and leaves it feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. It is a truly gorgeous product and if (like me) you’re a fan of cleansing balms then know that I’m not exaggerating when I say that you NEED to give Tri-Balm a go. If you’re not sure that a cleansing balm is for you then I’m gonna stick my neck out and say that this is the product that will change your mind. Truly.

Frances Prescott’s Tri-Balm is available now at Liberty London and on their website where it costs £46.