Make-Up Artist Frances Prescott Launches Tri-Balm

Loving a multi-tasker

I am regularly drawn to skincare products that include the word ‘balm’. It suggests healing… soothing… nurturing – all suitably comforting for a skin like mine that is dry, yet aiming to age as slowly as possible (hah!).

Tri-Balm, which has been devised by make-up artist Frances Prescott, can deliver on this score… and then goes a little further. As its name also suggests, this is a product that delivers on three fronts. Targeting the time-poor man or woman (this is a gender-neutral beauty world we’re inhabiting), this multi-tasking balm cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises.

I’ll explain. First of all, with or without water it removes daily grime and make-up (concealer maybe, mascara perhaps… no-one’s judging here). It also exfoliates, thanks to enzymes from pumpkin seeds (gentle enough for daily use), leaving skin fresh and perked up. And then, unlike lots of other cleansers, Tri-Balm contains hyaluronic acid which locks in moisture and there’s anti-oxidants vitamin E and blackcurrant, to neutralise harmful free radicals… thus protecting the skin.

Prescott uses lots of plant-based ingredients, plus native English oils including beeswax and carrot tissue oil and the solid formulation makes the balm ideal for travellers, gym-goers and anyone with an aversion to gloopy creams perhaps.