Balmy days (even if the weather is freezing)

I’ve never come across a cleansing product in a stick formula such as this – and now I’ve tried Tri-Balm, I can’t quite believe that this type of product hasn’t been around before.

Not only does Frances Prescott’s Tri-Balm cleanse, it also exfoliates and moisturises. It’s a super time-saving super product that is really easy and effective to use.

The balm glides on, smooth as silk, and then you massage it in using circular motions to stimulate the skin. (Don’t forget the all-important neck area.) It is a travel friendly, multi-tasking, paraben, silicone & sulphate-free all-round wonder product. I’m really impressed.

It is just such a luxury to use! After you apply it, and massage it in, there’s no mess and t feels divine. You can either wipe it off with a flannel, or I used a natural sponge from OM to wash it off and give the cleaning process an extra boost.

I then dried off my skin and applied Alpha H’s Liquid Gold to supercharge my skin.

At 37 weeks’ pregnant, this is exactly the type of product that I need in my arsenal. It’s £48, so it’s not at the lower end of the price scale, but anything to save precious minutes and pamper my skin is a worthy investment in my opinion.