Best Beauty Products of 2017: Our Pick

I have recently discovered Frances Prescott Tri-Balm. In these days when you are being told we need to layer products so that your ´┐╝bathroom cabinet requires a filing system I am really happy to find a product that does 3 jobs in one and that does them all beautifully. Tri-Balm is a totally natural product and was developed by Frances Prescott, a leading make-up artist and graduate of the Dermalogica Institute in London, who has a CV so long and full of celebrity clients combined with a determination to bring multi-purpose beauty products to the market.

Tri-Balm feels really good as you massage it into your skin and afterwards my skin felt so smooth and moisturised that I now really look forward to using it. Try leaving it on your face whilst you relax in a bath and then take it off. Finally as it is not a liquid you can take it on a flight in your cabin baggage and on a long flight it is perfect to refresh your face before landing.