Bye Bye Beeswax, Hello Vegan!

Why we've replaced the beeswax in Tri-Balm with a plant-based alternative. Co-founder, Frances Prescott, reveals the thinking behind the new vegan-friendly formulation of this best-selling, multi-tasker.


Why have you replaced the beeswax with an alternative?


'The first thing to say is that we are definitely not 'jumping on the vegan bandwagon' or adapting our product just to follow a trend. Our ethos has always focused on being cruelty-free and on using sustainable and premium natural ingredients, as well as local and independent suppliers whenever possible. Apart from beeswax, all the ingredients used in Tri-Balm are plant-based and ethically-sourced. From the outset, we were super-conscientious of sourcing our beeswax from beekeepers who focused on the welfare of the bees, rather than mass production. These suppliers only collect the beeswax when the supers – the exterior honeycombs where excess honey is stored – are full. By doing this, they don’t disturb the main body of the hive where the bees live, ensuring that they can continue their work undisturbed. However, even though we used the most ethically produced beeswax available, all beeswax is considered to be animal-derived, so ultimately we had to find a plant-based alternative to use as an emulsifier.'


Is this what Tri-Balm customers wanted?


'Our customers were very much in favour of a vegan-friendly product, and since our launch, we have had many enquiries as to whether or not Tri-Balm is suitable for vegans. It was very important to us to respond to our customers' needs, while ensuring we didn't lose sight of why we had originally created the product. Primarily, Tri-Balm was born out of the desire to create a new generation of skincare that answered the needs of women – and men – who wanted no-fuss formulations, multifunctional benefits and that were travel-friendly while delivering the optimal results with natural ingredients. '


Why does Frances Prescott favour natural ingredients?


'We're committed to using natural ingredients for many reasons. As a qualified facialist, I've always favoured natural formulations. Why? Skin absorbs up to 60% of what we apply to it – so it makes sense to use ingredients that are free from man-made chemicals. From my experience, plant-based ingredients are kinder to our skin, and they are definitely better for the environment. Nature has provided us with an infinite pharmacy of plant-based ingredients that deliver results that are just as good, if not better than anything artificial we can cook up. '


What have you replaced the beeswax with?


'We have replaced beeswax with a plant-based emulsifier – the ingredient that helps to remove impurities such as make-up residues. It has taken a year to find a replacement which is just as effective - and we are delighted with the performance of our new vegan-friendly formulation. '


Will customers be able to tell if the product is vegan?


'Absolutely. The product will carry a Vegan accredition and be certified to ensure that customers are confident that we have the approproate authorisation.'



Photography by Kristina Paukshtite

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