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Sisters Frances and Pauline, founders of Tri-Balm

Make-up artist Frances Prescott and her sister Pauline both enjoy fast paced lifestyles: Frances as she shifts between fashion shoots, film sets and her skincare studio; Pauline as she travels to all four corners of the globe on business. It’s with the super-busy woman in mind that they’ve come together to form their own skincare company. Their luxury capsule collection of products – sourced in the UK, cruelty free and created with care – combines premium quality ingredients to nourish and nurture skin for a naturally glowing complexion.

frances prescott

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Take a leading make-up artist and facialist and a globe-trotting business woman, put them together and you have a new beauty brand that represents the needs of a new generation of on-the-go women. Skincare encapsulated in luxury multi-tasking formulations that deliver results with premium ingredients.

Created by sisters Frances and Pauline Prescott, Frances Prescott is a British skincare brand that combines high performance with purity and simplicity, delivered by a capsule collection of premium skincare products that provide multiple benefits.


The perfect marriage of two unique perspectives – Frances’s wealth of experience in the beauty industry as a highly-esteemed make-up artist and facialist, and Pauline’s work as an international business woman. Frances Prescott is all about quality products that are a pleasure to use, whilst delivering visible results, and saving time and space.

“I’ve spent my life travelling across time zones, working in different countries and with diverse cultures. So I have first-hand experience of having to pack smartly and pare down my beauty routine and products to the minimum,” says Pauline.

When Frances announced that she wanted to create a range of multi-tasking products focused on quality, results and convenience, the two decided to team up and work together to create a brand for women just like themselves.

“We both saw a niche for a range of easy-to-use, high quality, multi-tasking products, so it made perfect sense to join forces and combine our areas of expertise,” says Frances.

With Frances at the helm of product development and Pauline heading up the business side, Frances Prescott delivers luxury skincare with time-saving formulations, created with naturally derived ingredients from renewable sources. All in highly portable packaging, designed to withstand the rigors of travel and modern living.