• Holiday Heroes

    Tuesday 13th June 2017

    Holiday Heroes

    Beauty Magazine

    As your customers get ready to jet off to their chosen destinations, they won't want to waste space and weight...

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  • A travel-friendly, 3-in-1 cleanser

    Monday 12th June 2017

    A travel-friendly, 3-in-1 cleanser
    An easy and effective product to simplify your mornings

    The Pool

    If there’s one thing the beauty industry is good at doing, it’s overcomplicating the matter. Why have one product when...

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  • Ruby Hammer MBE - Tweet

    Wednesday 7th June 2017

    Ruby Hammer MBE - Tweet

    Ruby Hammer MBE

    @FPrescottSkin have to say I'm blown away! It's travel friendly, smells lovely & does exactly what you expect - super...

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  • Pout! My top 20: what the beauty editor wants this summer

    Saturday 3rd June 2017

    Pout! My top 20: what the beauty editor wants this summer
    Some multitasking skincare

    The Times Magazine

    This wonderful plant-based cleansing balm invented by a make-up artist performs many other tasks – operating in addition as an...

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  • Plant Power

    Tuesday 16th May 2017

    Plant Power

    Country & Town House

    Infuse your skin with nature's medicinal plants, flowers and herbs.
    Tri-Balm, a one-stop pot for multitasking beauty. Whichever way you...

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  • Sweet Dreamers

    Sunday 14th May 2017

    Sweet Dreamers

    You Magazine

    There's a magical, almost surreal feel to summer's floral potions.
    Pare things down with make-up artist Frances Prescott's Tri-Balm. Massage...

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  • Spring Fling

    Monday 8th May 2017

    Spring Fling

    Spell Magazine

    Freshen up your beauty cabinet.
    May 2017 issue

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  • The Beauty Hot List

    Friday 5th May 2017

    The Beauty Hot List

    ES Magazine

    Our beauty editor Katie Service on the trends, treatments and buzz-brands for 2017.
    Tri-Balm, a genius roll-on natural balm face...

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  • Personal Shopper: Frances Prescott Tri-Balm

    Tuesday 11th April 2017

    Personal Shopper: Frances Prescott Tri-Balm

    Cosmopolitan Magazine

    A portable stick balm that melts make-up, gently peels, and hydrates with hyaluronic acid and plant oils. How clever.

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  • Tri-Balm in London’s Marylebone

    Monday 10th April 2017

    Tri-Balm in London’s Marylebone

    Hermione Olivia

    I have realised I actually kind of love being behind the camera rather than in front of it. I’m definitely...

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  • Your Entire Facial Routine in 1 Product

    Thursday 6th April 2017

    Your Entire Facial Routine in 1 Product

    Daily Mail – Femail Magazine

    Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise each day – how many times have you been tempted to skip a step to speed...

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  • Daily Shopping: The Luxury List

    Friday 31st March 2017

    Daily Shopping: The Luxury List

    Country & Town House

    Frances Prescott - Tri-Balm
    A cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser all in one, Frances Prescott’s nourishing, no-fuss Tri-Balm is ideal for...

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  • Best Cleansers & Face Wash

    Tuesday 28th March 2017

    Best Cleansers & Face Wash


    Makeup artist Frances Prescott has some impressive credentials as well as a long-standing knowledge of the industry and the very...

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  • The Simple Skincare Routine

    Monday 27th March 2017

    The Simple Skincare Routine

    Cheshire Magazine

    We’re constantly bombarded by skincare advice and ‘must-use’ products – but don’t these brands realise we don’t all have hours...

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  • My New Favourite Multi-Tasking Marvel

    Sunday 5th March 2017

    My New Favourite Multi-Tasking Marvel

    Karena Callen

    It's a well-known fact that I'm a little bit lazy when it comes to beauty routines. Once in a while...

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  • My Cleansing Secret-Weapon: Tri-Balm

    Wednesday 1st March 2017

    My Cleansing Secret-Weapon: Tri-Balm

    Olivia Cox

    One of the things in life that I have a real love/hate relationship with is cleansing my face. I love...

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  • The BEST product we have seen for a while

    Saturday 25th February 2017

    The BEST product we have seen for a while

    Daily Mail Fashion

    Tri-Balm is a luxurious facial balm which cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises in one simple step. Formulated by leading make-up artist...

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