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How to use

1, 2, 3 benefits in one simple step

A blend of botanical oils enriched with starflower and oats will melt away impurities and make-up from the skin.

Enzymes from pumpkin seeds provide an extremely gentle daily exfoliation to freshen and brighten skin.

Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture whilst antioxidants vitamin E and blackcurrant neutralise free radicals to protect the skin.

Two ways to apply Tri-Balm

Topical nutrition for your skin, Tri-Balm can be used morning, evening or any time in-between. A truly multi-purpose treatment, our luxurious facial balm can also be used as an intensive moisture masque.

Daily use
Apply balm morning and night evenly over face and throat. Gently massage using upward circular movements. Tri-Balm emulsifies with water to rinse away or can simply be tissued off if preferred.

Intensive moisture masque
Apply balm liberally over the face, allowing natural ingredients to melt into the skin. Leave and relax for long as you like to maximise the benefits of the ingredients, then emulsify away with water or simply tissue off.